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Ci-STEM Global Services Foundation is a high-impact scientific publisher in print and online journals, established with an aim of dissemination of quality scientific information to the research community throughout the world. We, publish Open Access and Print Journals apart from Books of Scientific content from authors who are researchers. Ci-STEM also observed that many researchers have been working in various fields of research for so long but could not publish in reputed journals due to not having access to such journals. Our peer-reviewed high-impact and scholarly journals aimed to have the readership of millions of worldwide researchers. Ci-STEM holds very eminent subject experts in their fields in the Editorial Boards of each journal and regulates the multi-level peer-review procedure. All submitted research articles are subjected to an extensive peer review mechanism in consultation with members of the journal’s editorial board and independent external referees. All manuscripts are subjected to rapid assessment and publish the article online as and when approval is received from the Editors. Ci-STEM publishes Journals and Books in all broad areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. Ci-STEM also provides a platform in the future for researchers to start their own journals.


Ci-STEM is committed to publish high-impact research output and inspire the global research community through its publications, conferences, and professional and educational activities.


Ci-STEM aims at driving the research in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management by publishing high-eminence Peer-reviewed research papers for the benefit of academicians and researchers at global standards.

Ci-STEM Global Services Foundation

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