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Authors Instruction

Author guidelines are provided here for submission of their manuscript to the Ci-STEM Journals

Co-author Notification During manuscript submission, the submitting author must provide contact information (full name, email address, affiliation, and official mailing address) for all of the co-authors. The corresponding author who submits the manuscript for publication accepts the responsibility of notifying all co-authors that the manuscript is being submitted. Deletion of an author after the manuscript has been submitted requires a confirming letter to the Chief Editor from the author whose name is being deleted along with the request from the corresponding author.

Suggesting Reviewers When suggesting potential reviewers for a submitted manuscript, authors should not refer reviewers who have a personal or professional connection to the authors or co-authors.

Checklist for submission
1. The article prepared for submission must conform to the standard and format set by the template of the article given by the journal. If not adhered to the format the reviewing and publication get delayed due to lengthy correspondences between the author and Editorial Board.
2. If the author gives a reference to unpublished work, the related documents can be sent as supporting information. Such documents can be used only for review.
3. Submit sufficient experimental or theoretical data for reproducibility of results.
4. Cover letter: It should include a brief explanation of the manuscript, its significance, contribution to the new knowledge, and new insights interested to the journal readers. The author has to provide at least 5 recommended reviewers with the following details:
  • Name of the reviewer
  • Designation
  • Name of the working institution,
  • Email ID (Institute mail ID is preferred)
  • Short description of their relevant expertise.
5. When suggesting potential reviewers for a submitted manuscript, authors should not refer reviewers who have a personal or professional connection to the authors or co-authors.
6. The corresponding author must ensure that all the co-authors are aware of the submission

Editorial Process
1) Articles should be submitted to the Email ID of the journal. The Email should be attached with the following files:

  • Cover letter
  • Manuscript (doc format)
  • Supporting information
  • Figure files (png format).

2) The Editor will do a preliminary review and decides the suitability of the article within the framework of the scope of the journal. The editor will decide whether to send the article to review or reject.
3) If rejected, the editor sends information to the corresponding author stating the reason.
4) If the article is within the scope of the journal and interested to the readers of the journal, the editor find suitable reviewers.
5) Reviewing the article takes 20 to 30 days.
6) If the paper is accepted the editor informs the same to the corresponding author and sends the paper to the publication department.

Production and Publication
1. Publishers will send the information to authors that the article is in the process of publication.
2. Publication of all the accepted papers is in open access mode.
3. The article will be kept in the format of the journal. If they have any questions, while formatting the paper, the author will be asked to answer the questions while submitting the proof of the article.
4. Once proof of the article is submitted, the paper will be published online along with the DOI number.

Note: Ci-STEM Journals are Open Access Journals. The articles published are distributed free of cost among the scientific community. However various processes involved in making a manuscript into a publishable article require financial support. The administrative support, journal development, Technical infrastructure, development, maintenance, and operation of online journal system require financial support. Hence, generous contributions from the research community help the publisher to improve the quality of the journal and help to achieve the highest standards.

Peer Review Policy All articles of the journals published by Ci-STEM Global Services Foundation are subject to a rigorous peer-reviewed process before accepted for submission. This peer-review process ensures the quality of the article being considered for publication. Ci-STEM journals employ double-blinded peer-reviewing, where both the reviewer and author remain anonymous throughout the process. Our reviewers database continuously gets updated.

Plagiarsim Policy Plagiarism in research article means someone copies research work of others published work without appropriate references. In publishing original research articles, Ci-STEM journals are committed to discouraging plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. Ci-STEM journals use software for similarity checks and screen the submitted manuscripts.

Case 1: Plagiarism more than 30% The article gets summarily rejected. However, authors may submit the same article again after revising the manuscript appropriately.

Case 2: Plagiarism less than 30% and more than 10% The author is requested to revise and re-submit. The Plagiarism report will be sent to the author for his guidance in revising the article

Case 3: Plagiarism less than10% The manuscript accepted by Editorial Board for review and sent to the Editor/Reviewer for further processing.

Note: If Plagiarism is detected after publication due to complaint by any individual with proper evidence, the published paper gets retracted immediately on receipt of such complaint, and the corresponding author is asked to explain. If a satisfactory explanation is received by the author the article is again published.

Publication Ethics The Editorial Board decision is final in for acceptance or rejection of an article submitted. The publishing decision is based on the recommendation of the journal's reviewers. The Editorial Board shall be guided by the policies of the journal by such legal requirements in force regarding libel, copyright infringements and plagiarism. The Editorial Board decision is final in this regard.

Publication Charges:The Journals published by Ci-STEM Global Services Foundation are essentially free journal. No need to pay any kind of publication charges.

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